Tuesday, June 18, 2019

What retired guys do - 2019 edition

I've been retired for 3 years and 4 months now.  I think I have the hang of being retired.  I've been listening to other retired guys tell me their secrets.

I think there is only one rule.  Do something every day and declare victory.  Mind, you it doesn't have to be a whole project.  You can declare victory after merely starting a project.  You can decide washing the car or mowing the lawn or going to the dentist sufficient for victory on reflection at the end of the day.

So, that's the rule.  There are also guidelines.  One is to devalue delayed gratification and start to do more of those things you were delaying all these years.  A lot of that is travelling - check my other blog posts to find out where and how!

But, for me, it also means getting more involved with the local model railroad scene and upping my railfanning game a bit.  I have guidelines that fit underneath the "no more delayed gratification" guideline.  They are:

The Steam Guideline states:  "Always go see that mainline steam excursion."  There may not be a next time."

The Local Guideline states:  "Always bring your camera on errands near or crossing tracks.  Always expect a train."

The Heritage Guideline state:  "Involve your family.  Honor your past.  Past it on."

The Modeling Guideline states:  "Build, operate, socialize."

How has that worked out?  Pretty well.  Here's the results for....


Mainline Steam guideline in full effect, here.  The Big Boy.  First run.  To celebrate the 150th Golden Spike anniversary.  A big engine and a big deal.  I'm there.

Warming up and scouting a day ahead at Granger WY

Westbound UP scoots under I-80

Eastbound, same location
The 4014 ran into Evanston in mid-morning.  I caught it once in the dark west of Green River, and then later about 20 miles east of Evanston.  The 4014 chase rule is:  Don't get greedy.  Pick a good spot.  Avoid traffic. Get the shot.  Move a good distance to the next spot.
Leroy Rd.

The Big Boy deserves side views!

The Big Boy had the afternoon and next day off.  A good day to scout and railfan the area.

Leroy Road

Westbound out of Evanston

Heading down into Echo Canyon

Castle Rock area

Heading down the grade

I-80 squeezing into Echo Canyon with the UP

From the I-80 rest stop

Exiting Echo Canyon

Westbound at Morgan along I-84

Grinding up hill on the "new" alignment at Castle Rock

Visiting the Big Boy in Evanston

Finally, underway toward Ogden on a rainy, cold cloudy day.

At the bottom of Echo Canyon

Westbound out of Morgan

Got ahead of the train because it stopped in Echo and Morgan.  Here, just west of Morgan.
After Morgan, the highway was jammed, so I took the rest of the day to railfan back up to Evanston

May 9th, the UP was having their Golden Spike celebration in Ogden.  I took the FrontRunner commuter train into Ogden.  

A UP freight wandered by while I was waiting for my train.

Southbound FrontRunner.  The single level cars are ex-NJ DOT purchased Comets originally operated by Erie-Lackawanna

Me and a few friends in Ogden

Ed Dickens at the throttle

The classic pose, only with oil can instead of champagne.

Just another day on the UP
There is not shortage of great locations between Ogden and Evanston.

May 10th was sold out at Promontory Summit, so we went on the 11th.  They performed a reenactment of the original Golden Spike ceremony.

Leland Stanford displaying one of the four spikes

After Utah and Wyoming,  a trip to NJ and another day with dad at Ridley Park.

Going to Philadelphia for lunch.  Hop on the Atlantic City Line at Atco, ride to 30th St.  Eat lunch.  Head back.  Easy and fun and doable for dad.

Arriving Atco

Amtrak ACS 64 on track one

Always magnificent 30th Street

Off to AC