Thursday, April 12, 2012

Transportation - England and Ireland

Some pictures and observations from our recent trip to London and Ireland.

Picadilly Line Underground train.  Equipment dates from 1973, but has modernized somewhere along the line.  Feels cramped compared to US subways, but service is first rate.

Suburban trains pass just south of Charring Cross Station on southern approach to  Hungerford Bridge

Charring Cross Station with Eleanor Cross in foreground

Charring Cross Station facade

Old bus that found new life

Suburban train in Victoria Station.  Train shed and concourse area of station have a nice feel.  Modern arcade added on less so.

Circle or District line train at Victoria Station stop.  This is busy place!

London underground trains use a strange dual third rail system, apparently to avoid return currents in the  cast iron tunnel linings.

Circle Line train at South Kensington stop (I think...)

London Transport Museum.  Early horse drawn tram.  London was into the double decker thing  almost from the start.

Underground steam locomotive.  A profoundly bad idea with no reasonable alternative at the time.

Open air cab for underground line trains.

Interior of steam-hauled underground train

Early electric locomotive

1920's vintage underground train.

Double-decker trolley.  Most were replaced with  trolley buses that then gave was to buses.

Virgin rail trains in Euston Station.  Super Voyager DMU on left. Electric Pendalino on right.

Suburban train at Euston

Virgin Pendalino with EWS sleeper train at Euston

Suburban train

Interior of Virgin Super Voyager. Nice, but a bit cramped.

Train runs along the seacoast in Wales.  Very nice!

At Holyhead.  Virgin runs one direct round trip a day from London to Holyhead, Wales.

Stena Line ferry crossing the Irish Sea to Dublin.  Nice boat.

Cab car on Enterprise train at Central Station in Belfast.  EMD locomotive pushing  French built coaches.

Older suburban train at Central Staion in Belfast

Suburban train boarding in Belfast.

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