Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Have I got a deal for you! (or, I AM talking about Amtrak)

As you may be aware, many American cities have traffic issues.  Atlanta is one of them.  Some days, I drive to work on highly subsidized interstate highways.  They are terribly congested when I go.  I want to help fix the problem.

Here's my solution.  I'd like the Federal Gov't to collect an additional one cent tax from every income tax filer and pay it to me in exchange for a vow that I will never again use any highway during rush hour.  I'll leave my car in the garage except during off-peak hours.

Here are the benefits:
  1.  reduced highway congestion
  2.  Improved air quality
  3.  Improved quality of life
  4.  Reduced reliance on foreign oil
  5.  Reduced need for fire/police/ambulance
  6.  Reduced need for subsidized highway maintenance

Selling points:
  1.  The total cost is much much less than an Abrams main battle tank.  
  2.  I am a US citizen and deserving government benefits
  3.  The per person tax burden is exceedingly tiny, compared to other things the government buys
  4.  The government has many similar programs, like farmers being paid not to grow certain crops.
  5.  I will use the money to create jobs. (only the "good" kind)
  6.  The whole program would be less than the rounding error on many gov't programs

How could anybody possibly be against this!  Lobby your congressman now!  Meanwhile, I'm going to keep driving.  It's up to you.

Oh, and if you are not for this, I can only conclude you hate me!

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