Wednesday, October 30, 2013

High Hypocrisy and Stunning Ineptness walk into a bar...

...and the bartenders says, "What is this? A political cartoon?"

If only...

High hypocrisy (or worse) on the right. (Tea Party - go find a mirror, please)

Stunning ineptness (or worse) on the left. (Administration, please administer!)


WSJ: Fixing Procurement Process Is Key to Preventing Blunders Like

and  (scary-bad no matter which of the three choices you choose to believe)

These are all pretty mainstream, middle of the road kind of guys saying these things.

Me?  It's clear that we need a good dose of competence and character more than we need ideology, issues or policy.

We need more of this: "Comity is hard to achieve. From a lifetime of experience, I know that most people don’t view Democrats and Republicans symmetrically. In their view, truth and virtue lie entirely with the group to which they happen to belong" (from Mankiw Op-Ed column.  Read the whole column, it's interesting!)

and this:

There is an actual plan! You can read about it here: They came up with a framework that's tough, but it works!  Both the right and left hate it because it contains things they have sworn they will never surrender, namely entitlement reform and higher taxes (among others). 

Well, maybe that's the sign of a good compromise!

You have to give up something to get something.

This situation is not new.  Dr. Seuss had it pegged.

Except, we can't just ignore them.

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