Wednesday, July 16, 2014

If I were commissioner of baseball....

I just read this article about why Bud Selig hasn't been great for baseball.

Certainly, the tyranny of the present is sacrificing the future of baseball to some extent.  It needs to be fixed up a bit.

If I were commissioner, here's what I'd do:

  • No interleague play.  It's just stupid. Why have leagues and playoffs at all if you have interleague play?
  • Put Houston back in the NL and Milwaukee back in the AL. It's where they came from.  It's where they belong.
  • Get rid of replays.  Umpiring baseball is more objective than in any other sport with the exception of calling balls and strikes.  Automate that.
  • Create two divisions in each league with schedule heavily skewed toward the home division. Enhances the value of the regular season.  Enhances regional rivalries.
  • Winner of each divisions plays a best of 11 playoff with fewer off-days.  Less luck, more skill.  Tests the value of the whole team, not just the three top starting pitchers.
  • League winners play best of 7 WS.  Tradition!  Keep it.
  • All weekday playoff games played as day games.  Gotta hook the next generation on the game.  Night games on school nights are a bad idea that has to go!
  • All weekend playoff games must start by 7:30PM EDT.  
  • Get rid of the DH in all levels of baseball.  Pitchers can't hit because pitchers DON'T hit.  Let them hit and learn to bunt in the minors. If you want to get more hitters in the lineup in the minors, expand the line up to 10 or 12 batters.
  • Allow metal bats.  Wooden bats are dangerous and not used anywhere but in MLB.  It's not ruined college baseball, so why not?  More hitting!
  • Require at least six Friday twi-night doubleheaders a year.  A tradition sacrificed a the alter of revenue needs to return.  It's not like most teams are selling out on Fridays anyway. 
  • Reduce season to 150 games.  Start mid-April.  WS ends by Oct 15.  I'm tired of games being snowed out. Baseball is a summer game. 150 games is enough for a meaninful regular season.  Owning a baseball team is a hobby, not a business. No need to maximize revenue.  
Play ball!

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